Fairy Chimneys

Fairy Chimneys During your trip at Cappadocia, no doubt that the Fairy Chimneys will be the most beautiful view you have ever seen. While you dreamed about the stunning view of the Chimneys you will thank the nature for his work. Cappadocia means soft soil, fresh air and beautiful sun. Your feet must slipped through the sand, your face must feel the sun and meet the morning sun above the Fairy Chimneys during your balloon tour. Enjoy this supernatural landscape view. Close your eyes and imagine that the heaven is here. Cappadocia is the example of the heaven on earth. Everyone would agree with this who goes to Cappadocia. It is like an artist that combines beautiful colors which each other and create a magistic view.


Throughout our school life they told us that the Fairy Chimneys is a result of soft clay soil which has a erosion with wind and water and the hard part stays as a result like mushroom. No one will tell you about the unique view how the sun will lighten up the chimneys. As a scientific explaination the Fairy Chimneys has their formation like this. As a result of the erosion of the soft soil. On the top there are rocks blocks. Flood waters and wind will rupture the hard rocks. Depending on the vegetation caused by natural events are these structures called Fairy Chimney. The body consists of tuff and volcanish ash and the hat section of hard rock like lahar and ignimbrite. The resistance of the rock in the hat determines the life of the chimney.
Outside of the scientific information the kind that the Fairy Chimneys made so beautiful is the mystical atmosphere. Tourists uses the terms like ‘ another planet’, ‘country of aliens’ or ‘country of tales’. You can find a Fairy Chimney by every step and you can see the formation of the Fairy Chimneys step by step. Indeed you can feel like you are traveling on another planet. We can also say ‘the place of difference beauties’ about Cappadocia. You can explore nature events which you never have seen before. Your Cappadocia trip will not a simple trip but an adventure. Of course it depends also of your guide. Our trip was perfect and we made a lot of fun thanks to our guide who provided us an unbelievable trip. The Balloon tour has enchanted us were we could see the Fairy Chimneys in a panoramic view.
Even when you’ve gone several times, Cappadocia will offer you another surprise everytime. On your first visit you can see the sun warmth soil and the second time snow- covered chimney. You will find some of the Chimneys in varieted colors by another visit. To watch this specialty of the soil you will have a color beam during the sunset. This unique beauty have fascinated throughout 10 thousand years from primitive to modern people. Because of its structure that can be easily eroded, the Fiary Chimneys became sometimes a shelter, sometimes a castle, sometimes patient care centers or sometimes a place to pray. These structures composed of Fairy Chimneys will take you in a time machine and feel you like you have been in old times. Elsewhere in the world the chimneys can be found, but no one ever has created a structure into the chimney. Even for this has it is worth to have a trip to the region.


The word chimney was used as a ‘window’ in the old history, outside the chimney what we normally use nowadays. Ancient people may have thought that someone has carved holes in the chimneys. It could be that the people did not know who or how this nature event consists and give the name of Fairy Chimneys. This information is not clear but it looks logical. Actually we can not know how the name appeared but we know that the structures are beautiful and magical like the fairies. You must have your way to Cappadocia and put the lens of the camera to take this extraordinary structure. The Fairy Chimneys are waiting for you with each of the different formation in Nevşehir.