Göreme National Park When you go to Cappadocia region, it doesn’t matter where you will start your tour, you will have your way to Göreme. Accompanied with a guide you will have the most pleasure in Göreme. The beauty of the sky such as prolonged proximity to human touch, especially in Göreme take you far away. An unforgettable holiday is possible with Nevşehir and Cappadocia.
We’ll give you more information about what you can do when you ever go to Cappadocia and Göreme. First, let us see the beauty and the history of Göreme. Like the other places in Cappadocia, Göreme has received different names as well as other regions of Cappadocia. The old names was as followed: Matiana, Korama, Maccan and Avcılar. According to a historical document Korama was a name which was used in the 6th Century. Because of this Korama has been considered as the oldest name of Göreme.
We started our first words with ‘When you go to Cappadocia..’ so we need to say you the first thing what you must do here. The first place which you must visit must be the Göreme National Park when you start your tour in Göreme. Come first to Göreme National Park and fill your lungs with fresh air and energy and visit more places with your guide.
The Göreme National Park is located in a volcanic region. There are plains, plateaus, small mountain plants, high hills, streams and rivers filled with alluvium valleys, step erosion drainage basins and valleys. The area is composed of soil which consists of volcanic stuff. An important era from the Byzantine church architecture and religious art is located in Göreme National Park. The place is the most appropriate place for people who want to make religious retreat because of the distance to the main centre and rough places. There are churches, cafeterias and monasteries located in Göreme National Park. We will see here that the wine- producing areas and the walls are engraved and decorated with pictures. A visit for all local and foreign tourists is worth to this place.
Göreme Güllüdere Vadisi (Göreme Güllüdere Valley): This is the most beautiful valley to have a walk. You must see these formation consisting of 2 valleys. Vineyards and old churches will accompany you during the best walking route of the region and will take off the tiredness of all day. On the 3 KM road there are Fairy Chimneys and three separate churches and also places where you can relax when you are tired during the walk. To complete your tour with a guide like this will give you a day to enjoy.
Paşabağları: Paşabağları is on very short distance to Göreme and is on of the points were the Fairy Chimneys are on there maximum length. The entrance is free and open to all visitors, you will enjoy your sightseeing on the most popular venue. Birds, Fairy Chimneys, vineyards, fresh air, nature and tranquility will be waiting for you in Paşabağları. You can visit the many gift stands in Paşabağları.
Göreme Açık Hava Müzesi (Göreme open air museum): The göreme open air museum is the place of history covering the old caves. Here are caves used for shelter and the carvings are astonishing, it is worth to go and see the place.
There are places like Zemi Vadisi (Zemi valley) and Güvercinlik Vadisi (Pigeon Valley) which you can visit during your trip. We advise you to visit Göreme with a tour guide because there are so many places to visit, there must be a person who will awake you while you will dream.