Ürgüp Fairy Chimneys Urgup is the beauty of Nevşehir and also the most important centrum. Throughout the history it subjected many names like Assiana in Byzantine period, Başhisar in the seljuk period, Burgut castle in the Ottoman- era, from the early years of the Republic it called Urgup. Nowadays it called by the name Urgup also.
Urgup is the most beautiful place to enjoy balloon trip experience in the Cappadoccia region. You will have an unique pleasure like the most local foreign tourists do. Cappadocia is a gift of natural beauty where history and nature meet in a flawless manner. The Fairy chimneys, which are formed by geographic events and used as church or house in the past, are visited today by local and foreign tourists. The caves are restored and used as touristic hotels today decorated as authentic caves. The tourists spent a vacation they can not forget in the authentic cave hotels they said. Cappadocia contains history, nature events and continuously loving sun which the most people desire nowadays.
After you’ve read this article and heard a lot of praise, morning sunrise and enjoy a unique evening of sunset offers from the outgoing people and said ‘I should go to Urgup and want to see!’ Once you came to Cappadocia you want to see more then the Balloon trip experience and so on but there are several history and beauty events to see in Urgup.

Places to visit in Urgup

1- Ürgüp Fıratkan: Fıratkan is a doublex structured church where the refectory, dormitory, kitchen and living place are at the same place. You can find here old buildings which are restored and used for living today. Fıratkan is the first place to visit by the most tourists today in Ürgüp because of his old buildings and caves where you still can find old finger prints. You must feel and taste this sensation on place.

2- Ürgüp Taşkın Paşa Cami (Ürgüp Taşkın Paşa Mosque): The Taşkın Paşa mosque has been build in the Karaman period and is located in Damsa Köyü (Damsa village). The mosque has been restored and kept alive remaining the ancient Karaman period until today.

3- Ürgüp Pembe Vadi (Ürgüp Rose Valley): Is a valley located on the road of Ürgüp- Avanos and is particularly rich in terms of Fairy Chimneys and is worth to seeing the different shapes which are made. The valley inspired many painters and was a subject of article to many writers and countless photos of artists adorning the valley. You can see every details when you will join the Balloon tour .

4- Ürgüp Museum: The museum has been opened in 1971 where ethnographic and archaeological artifacts from the prehistoric era until the Ottoman period are exhibited. All materials obtained of archaeological excavations can be seen in this museum. The archaeological excavations are stil ongoing and the materials are, after being restored, exhibited in this museum. If you want to smell the history, walk on the streets of Urgup or if you want to see the history visit the historical museum of Ürgüp.

5- Ürgüp Kızılçukur: This will be the most beautiful part of your Cappadocia tour. Kızılçukur is the best place where you can watch the sunset and sunrise. You can take here many unique pictures by positioning the sun on right place.

6- Ürgüp Aziz Theodore Kilisesi (Ürgüp Aziz Theodore Church): The Ürgüp Aziz Theodore church is located in Yeşilöz village, T-shaped and covered with a dome in the middle. You can enter the upper gallery by the stairs. With this speciality the church has been seperated from all other churches of Cappadocia. The church was decorated by three artists and able to stay till now without being damaged.

7- Ürgüp Temenni Anıt Mezarı (Ürgüp Temenni mausoleum): The mausoleum was built for Kılıçarslan (The son of the founder of Turkey Seljuk Empire and the second sultan of Turkey Seljuk empire) in 1288. The Mausoleum is located in the highest point of Kadıkalesi located in the center of Ürgüp. You can achieve the Mausoleum using the tunnel of 700 meter length. A part of this tunnel is now open to visitors. The Mausoleum is important because of being the richest library in Anatolia. The Ürgüp Temenni Mausoleum is the most important thing you should visit during your trip.

These are the main points you can visit in Ürgüp. You can visit Ürgüp accompanied by a guide and see the unique beauty of Ürgüp.