Cappadocia Balloon Trip – Frequently Asked Questions

Did I need to book early?

We advise you to book early. Because lot of people want to have a baloon trip and the quantitiy is limited. When you don’t book early keep in mind that you must return without experience a balon trip.

What time did the balloon trips started?

The starting time depends on the season but mostly between 5-6 O’clock in the morning. With this you can have a great view of the sunset. Depends on the weather conditions there could be also trips planned in the afternoon.

I it possible to join the balloon trip with the kids?

It is prohibited to access the balon trip with childeren beetween 0-5 year of age. Childeren from the age of 6 years old can join the balloon trip.

Can pregnant women join the balloon trip?

It is not advices to join the pregnant women to the balloon trip. You can welcome your family or your friends when they arrive from the trip.

When can the balloon trip be cancelled?

The hot balloon trip can only be on air when the weather conditions are at normal condition. When a wind speed of 11 km occurs, mist, rain and snow occurs, the trip will be cancelled. A new date will be arranged. When you can not join the trip at another day, you will get the Money refund.

What is the optimal weather conditions for hot air balloon trip?

The optimal weather condition is when the weather is cold and the wind is less. Because of this the most of the flights will starts before dusk.

What should I bring with for the trip?

To catch the most beautiful views you can bring your camera with you

How I need to dress for the trip?

The trip will be early in the morning, it will be cold and because of the balloon will rise it will be colder. We advise you to dress with long sleeved thick wear. You will stand up for 1 hour during the trip. Avoid heels and take your flat shoes on.

How we will go back to our hotel after the trip?
You will be welcomed by our ground service team and will be transferred to your hotel. There will be also time to join the tour in the region if you want.

Where will the balloon landed?

It is not sure to where the hot air balloon will landed. After the trip the pilot will descend the hot air balloon on a wide secure area.

What are the safety standarts for hot air balloon?

The hot air balloons in Turkey is under the control of the Civil Aviation Organization. The rules which are applicable to the aircraft is also valid for the hot air balloons.

How high will the balloon rise?

The balloon will rise maximum to 900 meters above the ground between the Fairy Chimneys and the vallys

How far will the balloon fly?

It will between 4-20 km, depends on the speed and direction of the wind.

Where will we fly with the balloon?

You will have a panoramic view depending on the wind to the vallys and the Fairy Chimneys

How long will the balloon trip totally?

The transfer has a during of 30 minutes before the flight. Preparation for the flight and breakfast will take 30 minutes. The flight, celebration together with champagne and receiving the flight certificate will take 90 minutes. It will be take in totally 3 hours with the transfer back to the hotel included.

For how many people is the balloon basket and are there much people allowed?

According to the balloon basket manufacturer’s determined capacity 8-36, for small balloons 2-4 persons. The flights will be not performed with more or less passengers. To provide a safe flight the basket must be on a certain weight and balance.

Where the transfers are carried out for the flight?

From Avanos, Ürgüp, Göreme, Uçhisar and all hotels from the region the transfers will be carried. For destinations outside region will be payed extra fee.

When the transfer will take place for the flight?

You will be informed by the operation team by phone or e-mail.