Cappadocia horse tours (Horse riding)

Cappadocia horse tours (Horse riding) Cappadocia is located in a triangle between the borders of the province Aksaray, Kayseri and Niğde and consist of shaped jagged rocks by the wind and environmental conditions over time by volcanic ash residues and used as a settlement. Generally, it is known that balloon trips and tours with a car can be made by the most of people. But some of people want to ride horses to enjoy their trip in Cappadocia. Even the name of Cappadocia means ‘katkatuka’ what means as the city of the best horses but it changed during the time by languages. This name was given because of even during the wars the beautiful horses could be confiscated by the enemies.

How would the route be determined and how can I find it?

The trips will be start from Avanos and Göreme (where the horse farms are located) and determined according the time till when you want (half day, full day or few days). You can achieve many destinations such like valley and plains where you can not go by car, and will be witnessed with unique beauty of land.
If you want to take a part of the tour but cannot riding horse, don’t worry, there are farms giving horse riding training before the tour. There will be a guide and a horse riding coach with you during the trip. For this, the groups must contain at least about 2 persons. It is preferred to organize a group trip instead of a personal one.

How much will I pay for the riding horse tour in Cappadocia?

Cappadocia horse tours (Horse riding) To give a price, the count of the participants, the time of the tour and if you want a horse riding course or not is very important. But we can give you a more or less price what you can expect.

Before you will start the Cappadocia horse riding tour, you will have a lesson of horse riding by a professional coach and will give you only the permission to ride when they think that you can ride a horse at your own. Otherwise you will not be able to take a part of the tour according to the safety regulations.
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